Renting vs. Buying Equipment

When renting, there are no long conversations with your spouse about how much all that dust-collecting gear cost and where you’ll be storing it!

YOKARO Wireless TPMS – Epic Fail

The Epic Fail! No this system is not designed to stop blowouts – however it is designed to warn the drive when one does occur, but it didn’t! My truck/trailer setup allowed plenty of working distance between the brail and the furthermost sensors, just a tad over 19 feet.

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Homeless Camps

After watching the KRDO13 clip, I was curious to know why the city’s hands were tied – it didn’t make sense to me. I contacted Aimee Cox (Community Development Manager for Colorado Springs) and spent an hour on the phone with her. This was an excellent conversation that lead to some discoveries that I don’t think the public readily knows about (I didn’t). But first a little back story to the homeless situation.

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Stoned in Colorado

Recently I went to a local bike shop here on the south side of town and as soon as I walked in the doors the odor was so overwhelming it upset my stomach. Then the owner comes around the corner – totally stoned out of his mind “can I help you”? Like I’m gonna leave my prize ride with him, I don’t think so!

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