BougeRV Portable Air Conditioner

BougeRV Portable Air Conditioner

What you didn't know, and ways it can make your life better.

Are you tired of summer days where you have to bear the sweltering heat of the summer sun? Once summer says hello to us, we may yet again face the consequences of the terrible heat that it brings us, and some find this annoying heat unbearable. One of your choices is to satisfy yourself with a portable air conditioner.

A portable air conditioner, as its name indicates, is a particular type of air conditioner which is easy to move from location to location. As it is portable, it can be used anywhere you need fresh cool air, like tents, camps, RV, and even in a boat or vehicle. When it is hot, this small air conditioner gives a bit of relief by providing fresh cool air.

Portable tent air conditioners are relatively easy to install and carry from one place to another. Moreover, unlike regular air conditioners, they can run on battery power, so there is no need to plug into an electric socket. That is why they are being used in camping and tents. Depending upon the features, size, and capacity, their price may vary from a few hundred to thousands.

Unlike the other types that just stay fixed in a window, a portable air conditioner can be moved to different places in your RV, tent, or office whenever you feel like it. When the compressor is running, it compresses the refrigerant gas from a low to a high pressure. The high-pressure gas is cooled, turning it into a liquid, and then it is brought to the condenser. This process creates heat that needs to be removed from the area you are trying to cool. This is why home AC Compressors are outside. For portable air conditioners, we need to direct the heat out of the space using a discharge hose. This hose must be put outside the window or through a wall, whichever works best for you. Window kits may be available, depending on the portable air conditioner type you want.

Portable Air Conditioner




Ease of use








Power Consumption


What I liked

  • Rents on 120v, 24v or 12v (with converter)
  • Light and easy to move around
  • Cools personal space well
  • Great for Pets
  • Gear for Tent & Car camping
  • Get for small areas

What I did not like

  • Cost, but it's in line with the competition
  • Would have likes to have the Window Foam as part of the package
  • Would have likes to have the 12/24 Converter as part of the package

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