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How to Contribute

Are you an outdoor adventure, a hiker, a biker, a paddler, or a camper? Do you have a great story that you would like to share? It could be an article, a feature, a blog, a photo feature, a review, an interview, a despatch, an essay. Or it could be a multimedia piece combining words, pictures, video, and voice. Well, you are at the perfect place; we at The Outdoor Life have created an easy way to help share those epic stories! We believe that life should be an adventure, one full of new experiences, new friends, and fun memories. So if you have a fantastic or exciting story, we would love to hear about it and possibly feature your adventure!

How to submit

Sharing your story super is easy; all you need to do is click the link below and fill out the form!

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What we require from you

There are a few guidelines that we ask you to follow when submitting your adventure story. Nothing too complicated or tricky.

  • Your story must be new, original content, or a story from your website that you have explicitly re-written for The Outdoor Life. Duplicate and plagiarized content are no Bueno, and it negatively affects both of us emotionally through Google Analytics and search rankings.
  • If you submit a story, it should only be published on The Outdoor Life and not multiple websites.
  • For articles, we require a minimum of 300 words, and preferably closer to 500 or more. For videos, we require a minimum of 200 words or more.
  • For articles & videos, "try" to structure the story in a 3-act narrative. 
    • Act I - Setup: is all about setting the stage: readers should get an idea of who, what, or where your story is about. 
    • Act II - Confrontation:  is when you get to throw all sorts of problems and obstacles you may have encountered or are trying to solve. 
    • Act III - Resolution: this is where you need to resolve your issues raised in Act II, tie up any loose ends, answer any dramatic questions raised, and there could even be a killer climax here as well! 
  • Spell& Grammer check beforehand.
  • Provide a Feature photo and, if possible, a couple of supporting photos.
  • The photos you provide need to be your property and rights, not something you found on the internet.
  • Have fun with your story and share your personality!
  • Make sure to include all website and social media links that you would like us to feature.
  • Include a short bio and image so we can create an author bio for you.

All writing experiences are welcomed.
Newbie, Blogger, Professional