Indoor Cycle Training

Fitness, Game or both?

Winter is here and while here in Colorado we have been experiencing some great weather days, sometimes it’s still difficult to get out and ride. We all have been there, staring at the bike in the trainer. “God, not another boring spin!” Yup, I too have whispered that a time or two.

In come’s Zwift, a digital destination to ride in for fitness, fun, and adventure. I used it last year and it was great to break up the monotony of spinning while watching TV. It was new (I started in Beta), clunky and feature poor. But over the summer it has taken on a new life. Features, goals, rides, and even the ability to meet up and ride together. I have been using it over the past week and I have to say, it quickly grows on you!

One of the things that makes this a more polished “game” is the interaction between your laptop, TV and Mobile device. While the laptop is sitting on a stand/dress off the bike – the Mobile Link App on your mobile device gives you power and control over the game and lets you interact with other riders.

Here are some snapshots from today’s ride.

Chris Sgaraglino

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