Recently on a group ride, 3 of the 6 people dropped off and heading back to their vehicles. First, 2 left and then the 3rd. This got me to thinking, what if one of these guys got hurt, who on the trail would know who they were? I got to thinking more and looked around at what was left of the group. While I know a lot of them, I'm not sure any them would know how to contact my wife or I contact theirs! But wait I have my cell, crap, it's locked. Even if it wasn't, what if it breaks in a crash, well that's not going to work? After a bit of research, I found the RoadID site and I have to say, I'm not really sure why I have not done this earlier, but this is an excellent answer! There are many times I am deep in the woods or 40+ miles away from my starting truck on the road and for $20 bucks - it was a no-brainer to just order the RoadID!

Who is this for, here is a small list: Everyone actually, adults, children, pets, cyclists, runners, swimmers, first responders, military, basically anyone the leaves the comfort of their couch!

The Top 10 Reasons You Should Wear ID:

  1. If you can't speak for yourself, Road ID will speak for you.
  2. Road ID enables First Responders to immediately contact family members and friends.
  3. Road ID enables family members to provide additional details about your health or give consent for potentially life-saving procedures.
  4. Road ID enables hospital staff to locate vital medical records.
  5. Road ID can communicate medical conditions or allergy information to medical staff.
  6. Road ID can prevent serious delays in treatment by saving crucial time during the "golden hour" of medical treatment.
  7. It's far better to have Road ID and not need it than to need Road ID and not have it. It's not just a piece of gear, it's the peace of mind.
  8. Accidents happen far more than you think they do. Each year approximately 450,000 of us are taken to hospitals unconscious and without identification.
  9. Road ID looks good on and makes a statement about your athletic lifestyle – not to mention that studies would probably prove that people that wear Road ID are considerably smarter than those that don't.
  10. Road ID can save your Life. Period.

The RoadID Story - This is hilarious!

The ROAD iD Story
The ROAD iD Story

Elite Stainless ID Bracelet












What I liked

  • Light Weight
  • Many Different Colors
  • Excellent Quality

What I did not like

  • I can't think of a single one!

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