Waggle RV Pet Safety Monitor Review

Waggle RV Pet Safety Monitor

Product Review

I don't do many gadget/accessory reviews like this. But as an avid pet owner and regular RV'er myself, this product really spoke to me. I wanted to see if it really lived up to all of the hype and marketing that I read online.

And I will say.. I'm a fan! If I were a person who camped regularly with pets, then this is definitely something that I'd consider among my RV's accessories.

The setup was fast and easy taking only minutes thru the free app. Activation was extremely quick & I was in business almost immediately.

Initially, I felt almost overwhelmed with the app, but then I realized 99% of what I need and want from the app is available thru the "Safety" tab at the bottom of the screen only a tap away. Here I was able to monitor the temperature and humidity in the RV where I placed the Waggle device.

Searching thru the settings menu I was able to very simply identify the notifications options, choose those that best fit my needs, and basically just forget about the device. After only maybe 5 minutes I had registered the device, selected a service plan, picked my notifications, and went back about my day.

I placed Waggle into an RV on our grounds at Haylett RV. It was a warm day around 80-90 degrees. Very quickly I began to receive alerts indicating the temperature in the RV was unsafe for a pet. And since I did not have the device plugged in & just operating on its internal battery I was also receiving notifications that "power had been lost" in the RV.

It was simple. It was working. Awesome!

I then dropped it in my car real quick. The temperature in my vehicle was much higher than in the RV. Upon the app's next update I once again received notifications of the updated higher temperature and "power lost" (since it wasn't plugged in still).

That got me thinking... this could be something that doesn't HAVE to be plugged in. You could simply disable the "power lost" notification while maintaining the "High/Low Temp" notifications for times when you need to do something like a step into a store for just a few minutes while leaving your pet in the vehicle.

Again, I'm not paid to say or share any of this and I plan to hand this Waggle device to a customer here at Haylett RV with a pet as a gift. I have no "skin in this game." I think it's just a neat device & like most folks, I see my pets as members of my family. So we're calling it #NerdPreferred!

You can learn more about the Waggle Pet Safety Device or Shop Now.

Editor Note: This device works on its own Verizon Cell Service and will not connect to WiFi or a different Cell Hotspot. Meaning, if you are in an area with no or limited Verizon coverage, this device will not work.

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