Want to switch from Strava?

With all the negative connotations that Strava can bring, some folks have been looking at other solutions. In the Strava threads, cyclists state that they would entertain a different solution if:

  1. It provided like services
  2. If there was an easy way to keep their current history.
Garmin Connect to the rescue

Now hold on a sec! I know Garmin Connect has been around for quite some time, but what you may not know is that Garmin Connect now offers "Segments" similar to Starva, as well as other like features! One of the other features I like about Garmin Connect is that they don't hold my information hostage by requiring an account. I have a lot of friends that want to see my rides, but don't want to have to join Strava to see it?

That satisfies the first requirement, so what about all my existing rides data?


  1. Go to your Strava Profile Page
  2. Click on Settings and look in the lower right corner for the button that reads download all your activities
  3. Once clicked you'll be emailed a link to download a ZIP file of all your rides in GPX format, making it very easy to upload to Garmin Connect or any other application that accept GPX files.

The segment list is lite in comparison, but is building every day. I have added a couple of my own segments and within 24 hrs, Garmin Connect linked all the riders to the segment and created a proper leader-board.

Keeping Strava up to date

Activities uploaded to Garmin Connect can be automatically synced to your Strava account. Use Garmin's Garmin Express software (or the Garmin Connect mobile app, if your device is Bluetooth-enabled) to upload your activity to Garmin Connect. Wait a few minutes, and it will automatically appear on Strava.

  1. Download and install Garmin Express.
  2. Add your device to Garmin Express.
  3. Create an account on Garmin Connect.
  4. Visit strava.com/upload/device.
  5. Find the Garmin section and click Get Started.
  6. Choose the Connect with Garmin option.
  7. Enter your Garmin Connect log-in credentials to authorize the link. If you don't already have a Garmin Connect account, you'll be prompted to create one. If you log in with a social network instead of an email and password, make sure you are currently logged in to Garmin Connect so that your information is auto-filled.

I did all this within 5 minutes. I had every ride I have in Strava in Garmin Connect - and now I can work with both and see which I prefer to keep.

My Garmin Connect profile:

My latest ride:

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