Colorado Stoned?

Getting Stoned in Colorado, seriously? I know that some of you are going to slam me for posting this, but the last time I checked this is still a free country to speak ones opinions; so here it goes! Awhile back, 60 Minutes did a segment on Colorado’s Pot Industry one year after making recreational pot legal and it only covered the “economics” from a business perspective. What NOBODY has bothered to air is how all this pot is affecting the “non-drug addicts” who are severely affected by this sh*t!

Here is my perspective after living here in Colorado Springs for more than 19 years.

First and foremost: the smell is horrible! You’ve heard of “skunk weed” right, it truly smells like a SKUNK! No matter where you go in Colorado Springs proper you smell it. My neighbor (I live in a duplex) smokes it everyday and he’s a total dick when he is high. My dogs freak out when they go out back as they are country dogs and when you smell a skunk, it usually means one is near by! Go to most any parking lot and it smells like skunks. Ride your bike anywhere on the streets, your going to smell it there too. Residential neighborhoods, commercial zones, downtown, bike paths – hell we were driving up in the “nicer” north end of town and a kid was hitting his pipe right on the sidewalk!

City parks, forget about it, they are out of the question for the 420 friendly crowd. Yes it’s still illegal here to smoke in public, but they don’t care. The cops can’t patrol every frickin public area – so they smoke! Do you want to go to your favorite restaurant and have a nice meal outside – don’t think about it. It’s more than likely got a pot shop right next door (yes, sounds cliche, but it is true) and all you smell is the frickin dope. Let’s not forget the scum that hangs around (make damn sure your bike is locked)! Go for a ride in the mountains, camping, horse back riding – give it up; its there too!

Stoned businesses

Recently I went to a local bike shop here on the south side of town and as soon as I walked in the doors the odor was so overwhelming it upset my stomach. Then the owner comes around the corner – totally stoned out of his mind “can I help you”? Like I’m gonna leave my prize ride with him, I don’t think so!

Furthermore as a road cyclist, this is proving to be more of a hazard than the old crotchety grump who thinks he owns the entire road, or the local drunk who just wants to make it to the liquor store before he hits the bars. Most everyone that thinks smoking dope is cool, thinks that smoking in their car is “private” so now their stoned and driving. Think I’m wrong, just roll up to a stoplight where a window is down and take a whiff!

Is this really how we want the world to perceive cyclists?

Is this really how we want the world to perceive cyclists?

Look folks can do what they want to do – it is legal and I do have a choice to stay or go – but it’s more about respect. I know that respect is a foreign concept form days long past, but you want me to respect your space, so respect mine. I drink – but at home. If you smoke – respect the people around you, follow the law and keep it at home, we don’t want to see it or smell it. Oh, and it’s the law!

I am putting out a public challenge to 60 Minutes to come back to Colorado and do a proper segment on how this is affecting the “non-420-friendly” residents! As a creditable new organization, shouldn’t you show BOTH sides of the story?

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