A Tour of Apollo Beach
& E.G. Simmons Park

The Details:

There are not many places that you can get out and ride and not have to deal with too much traffic, but this little cute is one of the better places on the East Side of Tampa Bay. Maecenas elit erat, condimentum iaculis nunc a, varius interdum lacus. Maecenas urna felis, ultricies eu iaculis eget, consectetur ac metus. Etiam eu est porttitor, fermentum risus id, ornare ligula. Ut ac est turpis. Proin in orci ut sem auctor interdum id non magna. Aenean mattis, ante et dapibus eleifend, diam dui vehicula quam, sed commodo nulla dui nec mi. Phasellus condimentum iaculis nisl vulputate porttitor. Phasellus in justo neque. Ut mollis purus turpis. Fusce ut felis ipsum.

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Multi Route Map
  • Dedicated GPS or Smartphone?

    Dedicated GPS or Smartphone?

  • goTenna Mesh

    goTenna Mesh

    When I first heard about the GTM, my initial thoughts were, this was a device that would allow me to get text messages out to the world when I didn't …
  • Kayak Camping on the Peace River

    Kayak Camping on the Peace River

    Five guys, twenty-three miles, a little Captain and many stores! Not a bad way to spend a December weekend out and away from the city!
  • Renting vs. Buying Equipment

    Renting vs. Buying Equipment

    When renting, there are no long conversations with your spouse about how much all that dust-collecting gear cost and where you'll be storing it!
  • QuadraPro Solar Charger & Power Bank

    QuadraPro Solar Charger & Power Bank

    You pull out your iPhone to check your Instagram and Facebook accounts, and you see the dreaded RED BATTERY! “No, not now, I still have that awesome selfie that HAS …

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