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If you are new to camping or backpacking or have gone with friends and are looking at your own excursions, you might be thinking it's time to get yourself the essential gear. Since you are not likely to have any equipment already, you might be planning to buy the needed items. But, before you go online and start researching stores that sell camping and backpacking gear, ask this "Do I have any other options?" Absolutely you do, you have the option of renting some or all the equipment you need for any comfortable excursion.


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The decision of whether you should buy or rent your equipment is not an easy one to make. Both the options have their merits. If you have growing kids in your home, they might be enthusiastically supporting the purchase of equipment, relishing the probability of planning frequent trips with your gear as and when they desire. Also, you might not feel comfortable about using things that other people have used before, especially, the sleeping bags.


At the same time, the scale of investment required is a significant factor recommending renting the equipment over buying it. There are some big and small things that you will need when you go camping. Buying everything in a single shopping spree may prove to be quite beyond your budget. Moreover, in these hectic times, you hardly get any vacation time, and you are not likely to go camping more than once or twice a year. The rest of the time the equipment will stay stored away in your garage. From this viewpoint, making a considerable investment does not seem very advisable.

Renting your gear is not only more affordable, but you are also likely to get to use higher quality products. Shops offering the rental equipment get the best available gear because they want it to last longer and give a good return on their investment. Renting is also very easy and much less time-consuming than going shopping for new products. Once you have made a checklist of all that you need, you can just contact the rental company to reserve the necessities. Most of the rental companies offer the additional service of shipping the equipment directly to where you need it. Therefore, you don't have to bother with lugging it along when you travel. Furthermore, there are no long conversations with your spouse about how much all that dust-collecting gear cost and where you'll be storing it!

As is seemingly apparent, both buying and renting camping equipment have some advantages and certain disadvantages. You should think carefully and go for the option that appeals to you more.

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What I liked

  • High quality equipment
  • Always in working order
  • Clean & Sanitized
  • Great way to test
  • No hassles at all
  • No need to store at home
  • Rent only what you need
  • Packages for all activities

What I did not like

  • Once you use great gear you may have to buy it!

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