QuadraPro Solar Charger & Power Bank

Adventure Frog: 5.5 Watt Solar Panels & 6,500mah Dual USB Storage

The day is done, you have been hiking all day, and now you are back at camp sitting around the campfire warming up dinner. You pull out your iPhone to check your Instagram and Facebook accounts, and you see the dreaded RED BATTERY! "No, not now, I still have that awesome selfie that HAS to make it online TONIGHT or no one will believe I made it to the top!" you scream at the top of your lungs.

It's a scenario that plays out hundreds of times a day in the lives of the hikers, bikers, kayakers, and campers. But what now? Oh, hell yeah, you just remembered that you packed the QuadraPro that you got from Adventure Frog last week - whoo-hoo!

The QuadraPro is a 5.5-watt Solar Charger attached to a 6,500mAh Power Bank that will output 2-amps per port. Simply put, it's a portal power supply with its own built-in charger. As long as you have "some" sunlight, the solar panels will recharge or top-off the power bank. Just plug in your iPhone, and on the next day's hike, hook it to your backpack and let it recharge while you are cruising the trails.

The Numbers

I ran some tests to see what exactly was going on and how does QuadraPro actually perform. What I really need to know is how many amps can a power bank output and for how long. Below is a simple table of different devices you might bring with you. The first set of numbers is the amps drawn when plugged into a wall charger, and the second is when plugged into the QuadraPro.

Different Devices

  • GoPro Hero5 Black 1.22A 1.10A
  • GoPro Battery Charger (2) 1.57A 1.36A
  • iPhone 10 1.04A 1.06A
  • iPad Air 2.01A 1.83A
  • Nikon D500 Battery Charger 2.2A 1.89A
A typical battery is about 80% efficient, so doing the math the 6,500mAh QuadraPro should be able to provide 1A over roughly 5 hours. But as the amount stored goes down, the battery has to work harder (that's why a flashlight goes dim as the battery voltage drops when used too long) and that cuts down on your time. During my testing, I was consistently getting a little more than 4 hours of usable time. Not too shabby for a portable device like the QuadraPro.

Note: Some devices like all Apple products have built-in monitors that will adjust the amount of amps drawn to maintain the needed level of voltage in order not to damage the device. This can cut the total time available for charging. Also, a device that is almost dead will draw far more amps than one that is at 75%.

Final Thoughts

The QuadraPro is a great little power source that balances available power with weight and size making this a great tool to keep your iPhone charged on multi-day trips provided that you keep the solar panels in direct sunlight every chance you get.











Power Bank Functionality


Solar Recharge


Power Output


Power Bank Size


LED Output


What I liked

  • Solid Construction
  • Dual 2A Outputs
  • Portable
  • Size is great for hiking & backpacking
  • Water Resistant
  • Not too heavy
  • Magnetic
  • Hanging Loops
  • Bright LED Light

What I did not like

  • Power Bank Size
  • Solar recharge is slow

Chris Sgaraglino

Over the past 37 years of my adult life, I have gained a very diverse portfolio of adventures from which I have been blessed to be a participant. This wealth of experience and knowledge has defined my character, my morals and values, and my healthy respect for people and the great outdoors. It is a true definition of an Outdoorsman!