Moza Aircross 2 3-Axis Gimbal

Moza Aircross 2 Electronic Gimbal

More than a gimbal, it's your personal videographer!

Hey guys, Chris here. As an outdoor blogger, and I've been looking for something that will handle a little bit bigger camera than just the iPhone. I found this Moza Aircross 2, and I paired it up with my Nikon Z6 with a 24- 70mm lens and a wireless lav system. I'm not a professional videographer, but I have a little bit of experience with electronic gimbals and really liked the specs I was reading. I can sit here and "tell" you all-day-long how great this gimbal is, but "proof is in the pudding!" This is NOT an unboxing or "how-to" video. This is a collection of shots taking on the rough terrain of Florida's Flatwoods Swamp country. I threw my camera (as I shoot it) into the mounting tray, balanced it in less than 5 minutes, and headed out to do some shooting for the first time - watch the video; it is all you need to know!

Mimic Motion Control

By using a smartphone, you can control the movement of MOZA AirCross 2 through the device with the internal somatosensory switch, so each axis can be independently controlled to mimic the movement from your phone. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the gimbal movement, allowing more control and precision for each shot.

Object Tracking

Mount the smartphone above the camera, coordinate with App to make the view of the smartphone consistent with that of the camera and select the target on the phone’s App interface for object tracking. Making a one-long take is now possible at your fingertips.

Advanced Shooting Modes

Moza Aircross 2












Ease of Use








What I liked

  • Ability to handle 7 lbs in a compact size
  • The construction and material are excellent
  • Smooth operations
  • Bundled software works very well

What I did not like

  • The large control knob was not as sensitive as I would have liked.

Chris Sgaraglino

Over the past 37 years of my adult life, I have gained a very diverse portfolio of adventures from which I have been blessed to be a participant. This wealth of experience and knowledge has defined my character, my morals and values, and my healthy respect for people and the great outdoors. It is a true definition of an Outdoorsman!