As we deal with all the rain and the up coming winter the trials tend to become muddy. I am seeing an alarming amount of fat bike photos tearing up the trails all over the Internet! Here are a few common things to remember. Even though our 4.8″ tires do less damage, they still do damage. Please THINK about what you post BEFORE you post! It’s just not cool!

  1. Perception is more real than Reality – people will see that and say “See, mountain bikes don’t care…”
  2. Your photos will be downloaded and used at ANY “let’s close this trial” meeting! Advocates will show these and say “See, mountain bikes don’t care…”
  3. The “not in the know” MTBr may see that and say, “He did it, so it must be ok!”
It may be ok to ride on that specific trial, fine, go ride – before posting, just think about how your post will interpreted!

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