How to Protect Yourself
During a Road Trip

As you travel, your safety should be a priority!

A road trip is affordable for anyone with a vehicle and a little income to spare. There is no much preparation needed to enjoy a road trip. However, in light of covid-19, you should keep in mind the number and type of people involved in your plans.

Essentials of A Road Trip

As you travel, your safety should be a priority to avoid having unpleasant experiences on your road trip. Although a road trip may not require a lot of preparation, there are things you need to handle. Ensure you have some of the things taken care of before you travel.


Make sure you conduct sufficient research of the areas you will be visiting along the trip. Conduct an internet search on common scams in the places you plan to visit. Knowing such information prepares you for what to expect and how to protect yourself. If the information you gather is too overwhelming, you can change to destinations you are most comfortable visiting.

Read reviews of the hostels you may stay in during your trip. Researching helps you pick the best services offered in those areas. Knowing what to expect gives you confidence in going on the road trip. Also, research on emergency numbers of the region you are road tripping to in case of an emergency.


Program your destination in your GPS to avoid getting lost or taking a wrong turn. It can be not very pleasant having to turn back many miles to get back to your correct route. Your GPS helps you monitor your journey as you go. A single wrong turn can potentially ruin your whole trip, especially if something terrible happens, such as being robbed or getting stranded.

Similarly, use GPS tracking to share your location with friends or your loved ones. The tracking can help in locating your car if it gets stolen. Additionally, real-time monitoring keeps your location known, making it easier to monitor your movements and notice if something’s not right.

Buy Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can help you in case of a medical emergency or theft during the road trip. The insurance also covers your trip’s cost if it is cut short for a covered reason, such as a family member’s death.

Get the best plan according to the activities you will be doing during the trip. Please note that no travel insurance coverage covers sudden war or terrorist attacks in areas you visit. Be careful about the regions or countries you take road trips to for your peace of mind and safety.

Keep Your Vehicle Fit

You need to regularly check the numerous components of your vehicle to keep it fit. Whether it’s a new car or an old vehicle, have your vehicle serviced before you embark on a road trip. Below are some of the parts you need to check.

  • Tire pressure, have spare tires, and the condition of each tire
  • Brake system
  • Light system, oil, signals
  • Battery, wipers, coolants

Prepare for The Unforeseen

Have everything necessary in case of an emergency or any unplanned events. There is always a chance that things do not go as planned, and you need to be prepared. Some of the items you need to tackle an emergency effectively are such as:

  • Tire changing tools
  • A first-aid kit
  • Phone chargers and portable solar lights
  • Enough drinking water and food
  • Extra snacks and fluids

Wear Your Sunscreen

Protecting yourself includes taking care of your skin. Always carry sunscreen on your road trips to prevent sunburns and skin damage. According to research, commuters experience more skin damage due to the prolonged exposure to the sun.

Sun rays can penetrate your windshield. Lather yourself with your preferred sunscreen, even while driving. Furthermore, you can add sun protection by getting sun hats or caps to shield you from the sun’s rays when hiking or taking a stroll. A pair of sunglasses can make you look classy while protecting you from sun damage.

Share Your Travel Details

Send your itinerary to your friends or family. Going silent during a road trip is risky. It would be difficult for your loved ones to know if something’s amiss. Always communicate when you get out of range of either Wi-Fi or your phone.

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