Hex Pegs: Drillable Tent & Canopy Stakes

Hex Pegs

Drillable Tent & Canopy Stakes

Choosing the right tent or canopy stake can make the difference between a cozy tent or a picnic disaster in the event of rain or wind. Stakes come in many varieties of styles and materials, but stakes are often made of aluminum, steel, plastic, or titanium.

Most tents and canopies come with metal stakes that are usually thin and flimsy out of the box. If they are the kind that looks like a piece of thick round wire with a bend at the top, it is sure to get lost or bent in no time.

If your campsite ground is hard clay, these cheap stakes will not be strong enough to sink in. You are likely to bend or break them, trying to use them. Conversely, if you are in soft dirt or a sandy area, the basic metal stake will pull right out of the ground with little effort.

The Hex Peg Stakes!

They are sold in pack sizes of 4, 10, and 15 stakes for each style (Hook or Flat Tops). Each pack will include a Hex Socket and a Black Velvet Carrying Bag.

An 18V cordless drill is recommended for anchoring your stakes. A hammer drill function is preferable for harder rocky ground types. On ground types that are as hard as rock and you may still struggle to get the Hex Pegs into the ground using a hammer drill. For these situations, you can use a 5/16" by 8" long masonry drill bit to put a pilot hole in the ground first, then drill the Hex Pegs into the pilot hole.

The Hex Pegs Hook Top can secure gazebos (shelters), awnings, tents, annexes, trampolines, dog leads, ladders, and anything with a 7/16" or larger opening, eyelet, or "O" ring.

The Hex Peg Flat Top has been designed for applications when the Hook Top is not required or not necessary for any attachment purposes. Such applications may include anchoring down groundsheets, mobile clotheslines, the base of tents, annexes, outdoor furniture, or anything else with a /16" or larger opening, eyelet, or "O" ring.

As long as you use Hex Pegs for the job, you are sure to have your tent or canopy up and secured in no time. You are then free to enjoy your camping or picnic with the peace of mind that you don't have to worry about the wind.

Hex Pegs


Ease of Use












What I liked

  • Holds a 100 pounds
  • Very strong
  • Will not bend
  • Very easy to use

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