Gun Safety Tips for
Big Game Hunting in the US

Whether it's your first time going on a hunt or you have been hunting for years, it can be an adventure. The thrill of getting close to nature is enough to bring many hunters out year after year. If you are lucky enough to bring back your prize, the experience is even better. The most important thing you need to remember is you must always be safe when you are go hunting. The following gun safety tips for Big Game hunting in the US will protect you and anyone around you while doing the pastime you love.

Take a Hunting Safety Course

Hunter loading his gun to shoot

The best way to be a safe hunter is to be a prepared hunter. Take the time to do a hunter safety course. You can sign up for a Florida concealed carry course online or you can find out where a course is offered in person if that will make you feel more comfortable. You'll learn the basics about the best way to handle your gun. You'll also be given the opportunity to fire your gun in a controlled environment with the guidance of a skilled instructor.

Think of Your Gun as if it is Always Loaded

When you have a gun on your person, in your vehicle, or in your home, it should always be handled with care. That means you should act as if it is loaded. Your finger should never be resting on the trigger when you are handling your gun or handing it to someone else. You should never point your gun at anyone. Your gun should always be directed away from anything that could be in danger. For example, point a gun in a direction that will not put anyone or anything at risk when picking up a gun for the first time to get the feel of it.

Wear Something Brightly Colored

Every state has different laws when it comes to hunting Big Game. Most states require hunters to wear blaze orange, a fluorescent orange, while out on a hunt. Even states that do not require it recommend this safety tip. Know your state's regulations. Plan on at least wearing a bright orange hat when you head into the wild. Some states will require you to wear a vest as well. You will be more visible to hunters that have the same goal as you do. You all want an enjoyable day when everyone will go home unharmed at the end of the day.

Use Common Sense When Using a Tree Stand

If you are planning on using a tree stand, make sure the stand is properly constructed. It should be mounted securely. You should always use a harness when in your tree stand. This harness should include a lifeline that is connected at all times. You should also have a foot strap on your harness, It will allow you to relieve dangerous amounts of pressure from your legs if you become suspended. Your gun should be attached to a haul line when you bring it up to your stand. It should always be unloaded while you are bringing it up or lowering it to the ground. Make sure that it is pointing down while it is on the haul line. Never tie the haul line to the trigger of your gun.

Take Extra Precautions if Your Gun Won't Fire

If your gun will not shoot when you press the trigger, keep your finger on the trigger for a few seconds to make sure the ammunition is not going to be released after a delay. If nothing happens, point your muzzle toward the ground. You should remove your ammunition at this point. Check your gun. It may need a thorough cleaning or there may be a malfunction with your gun. If the problem happens again, you should bring your gun to a repair shop.

Every hunting trip for Big Game should be enjoyable. It gives you a chance to get outside, take in the sights, and breathe some fresh air. If you are lucky, you'll head out with good friends or family. Follow safety tips when you go out to ensure you all will be back for more hunting the next season.

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