Converting to Tubeless on Deep Dish Rims

I ran into an issue recently with the new +Borealis Bikes Carbondale Rims and converting to tubeless. I have seen this before – so I thought this would be a good post for those that run across the same issue. The rims have a fairly deep concave inner surface and that made it very difficult to get the 25mm Stan’s NoTubes tape to seat correctly without any wrinkles.

After several attempts to get the sealant to seal properly, I pulled the whole wheel apart, washed everything (make sure to get the sealant out of the rim itself) and let it dry completely.

I wiped the inner rim down again with alcohol and took a “different” approach. Instead of warping the wheel – this time I used short strips to cover just “two” wholes at a time. I went from left to right, and then from right to left. This completely sealed all the holes with NO WRINKLES!

One thing that I think would be very cool is if these kinds of rims came with tiny “plugs” for each hole – that would make this as easy as a UST rim – just my two cents.

Chris Sgaraglino

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