Car Camping Set Up | How to Plan for a Camping Trip

Car Camping Set Up

How to Plan for a Camping Trip

There's nothing quite like waking up in the early morning at a campsite you have chosen to have an outdoor adventure in; after all, nature offers it all - fun, relaxation, and the opportunity to engage in various exciting activities. There are thousands of places to start your exploration of the great outdoors! The mountains are ideal for an outdoor camping trip but don't forget the beach, a wooded forest, or even the desert.

A nature getaway is ideal whether you plan to travel alone, with your family, or with a group of friends. So whether you're interested in taking a week-long retreat, or you're simply looking for a great way to spend a weekend, start planning your outdoor adventure today.

Dome Life

We’re Cody and Kellie. We started documenting our camping experiences to show people that camping is a way to travel around your state and all over the country. Being outdoors in nature is a way to recharge your mind, body, and soul! We enjoy hiking, mountain biking, cooking, and kayaking! Most of our videos include exploring new terrain, although we also like to relax and enjoy the moment. We are centrally located in Little Rock, Arkansas where we also enjoy our cities restaurants and outdoor activities!

DOME LIFE has two main goals. The first is to show people the beauty of nature through our activities with hopes of inspiring them to get out and do the same. The second is to keep areas we care for clean and maintained through organized clean ups, and maintenance days wherever we might be needed.

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