Kids Kayaking Solo

Kids Kayaking Solo Kids as young as 4 years old can kayak solo! Kayaking is an excellent outdoor activity that can be enjoyed as an adventure sport as well as a recreationally by people of all ages. This has caused a tremendous increase in the popularity of kayaking....

Buying A Used Bike

Looking to purchase a used bike, learn the tail-tell signs of an overly used bike are. Not knowing can cost you hundreds of dollars more in new components.

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Road ID: Who am I?

RoadID is simple identification you wear all day, giving you peace of mind for every adventure. Everyone adults, children, pets, cyclists, runners, swimmers, first responders, military, basically anyone the leaves the comfort of their couch will benefit for wearing one of these!

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Planing the Route

You have a starting point and a destination, but what about the route in between? When exploring the backcountry on a bike expedition, a plan should be in place as to the specific route. Going off unplanned more often than not, when a well equipped biker with a GPS feels the urge to break off the main route and blaze a path into the unknown, can take an unexpected turn, one that at first seemed more efficient, now requires more energy, longer trail time and possibly lead to dean ends or worse – to just getting lost! As thrilling as trail blazing may seem, this is the time to stick to a plan.

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Getting There

Above: Borealis Echo with 4.8" wheels pulling a modified BOB Yak Trailer Getting There - The Rig For the "Average Joe" bikepacking is not all that much different from backpacking or even packing with horses. It's all about getting as deep into the woods as you...

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Inspiration to Ride

The Inspiration to RideAs the days go by and I get older (51 now) I sometimes ask myself - what new adventure can I get into? As my wife and friends can attest - I have a restless soul, and the prescribed treatment is “Get Outdoors”! It’s always been that way, since...

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Why Bikepacking

Bikepacking the Colorado Rockies? When I first got to Colorado over 18 years ago (fresh off the racing circuit) I heard about this winter cross-country skiing thing where skiers could ski a short distance from a hut to another hut - and make a sweet weekend or...

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Refurbishing B.O.B. Yak Trailer

I’ve always wanted a B.O.B. Trailer, but for nothing more than running errands around town and hauling my video gear up in the mountains, stuff like that. I didn’t know how cool it would be to take Bikepacking.

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Replacing Your Chain

Replacing your chain does not have to be difficult. There are many videos there talking about the math to get the correct length - and they can be rather confusing....

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Big Red 3.5 Gallon Parts Washer

Review: Big Red 3.5 Gallon Parts Washer Dealing with mud, dirt, sand and even snow - parts on your bike are going to get dirty and sometimes a simple washing is just not going to cut it. It is also recommended that at least once a year you break down your...

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All Trails Lead to Riches!

All season long, I am outdoors testing new products and consider them for reviews, some I keep, many I don’t. For the ones I don’t keep, once reviewed and photographed, Il give them away to followers of The Outdoor Life who have subscribed to our newsletter! Products are typically for Biking, Hiking, Backpacking, Kayaking, Camping, and other outdoor activities. Once I accumulate 3-4 items, I use an online random picker and select a name for each item, email you for your address and send it on its way. No strings attached!