InKee Falcon Electronic Gimbal for GoPro Action Cams

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An Electronic Gimbal for your GoPro

Get rid of all that shakey video!

Whether it is a family party, vacation time, or a wedding ceremony, there will be memories happening, and the cameras are the ones that we use for recording those memories. But if you wish to record stabilized and shake-free videos, then all you need is an Electronic Gimbal to make your videos shake-free.

The InKee Falcon Electronic Gimbal provides far better stabilization to your Action Cameras than the digital stabilization they come with. And even the GoPro 9, with its amazing stabilization, will benefit from this gimbal.

An electronic gimbal is a device you hold in your hand and is used to hold your camera while walking, running, or even riding, preventing unwanted movement caused by these actions.

  • Using an electronic gimbal will give you the shake-free videos you see from professional videographers
  • Shake-free videos are much more pleasing to watch
  • Using an electronic gimbal will save you editing time trying to fix shaky video in post

You may use any stabilizer according to your needs and conveyance, but these electronic gimbals are definitely worth using for those who love shooting videos!

InKee Falcon














Ease of Use




What I liked

  • Small and Light
  • Strong Motors
  • Simple to Use
  • Great Battery Life

What I did not like

  • No Instructions in the box
  • The side buttons are too easy to push
  • Wish it would hold the 9/9 with the Media Mod

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