My New Training Partner

Knowing that in 6 weeks I will be pulling a loaded trailer up in the Colorado Mountains for my overnight trip, I thought that it would probably be a good time to start getting used to having a trailer io the back of my bike. I’m estimating that I’ll have about a 20 pound load on a 16 pound trailer – I really need to get used to having all that weight behind me.

Yesterday I came across a “pet trailer” on Craig’s List, thinking how cool to throw Lola in there and go for some rides – I made a low-ball offer (yup I do that sometimes) that was immediately declined. Bummer… But with in 5 minutes of that decline, he accepted stating that he just wanted it gone – me thinks there was someone else telling him to take the offer!

I headed out on a nice 27 mile road ride this morning (too much for a first time puppy) and when I got home I thought, hey – I feel good – let’s test this trailer out and see how Lola does?

Got everything all hooked up on the Cross bike, got the tires filled, changed my shoes and went to go find the little girl. She is always excited to for for a “ride” but I don’t think she was ready for this!

Note: When I brought the trailer home – I built the box part and left it in the living room for the day so that she would be somewhat used to it. After tossing in a couple of her balls – in no time she was going in and out – and it was no longer a big deal!

The ride was short, just a couple of miles – but went very well. We headed down to a local park with a pond, let her out and hung out there for a while. When it was time to go, she was a little fussy getting back into the the trailer, but once we got up to speed – all was cool again.

It looks like I now have a new training partner 🙂

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