5 Important Things to Have
on a Fishing Trip

During fishing trips, we get to make memories and strengthen our bonds with our families and friends. You must plan for the fishing trip on a timely basis to ensure you do not leave anything behind. In this blog, we shall discuss some of the top five pieces of equipment’s that you should carry for your next fishing trip.

1.   Fishing License

The fishing license is a permit that the authorities administer to anglers with the aim of controlling fishing. Before you go for fish in any river or lake, you will be required to provide a fishing license. After the formulation of this policy, acquiring a license was a tedious and time-consuming process. Today acquiring a license is very easy, and you can download a copy from the internet.

Once you have acquired the license, make sure that you carry it during the fishing trip. You may consider putting the license in a waterproof bag and producing it when the water authorities ask for it.

2.   Fishing Gear

For different fishing techniques, you will require various fishing equipment. However, they are essential fishing equipment that everyone will require to carry for their fishing trip. Firstly you will require a fishing rod and a tackle. There are various sizes and shapes of fishing rods, and you have to make sure you shop for the best rod. Long fishing rods are usually the best for fishing trips as they allow you to cover more water, and they are easy to cast and use.

While shopping for a fishing rod, you will have to examine its material, texture, and the number of hooks it comes with. Most Fishing rods are made from a stick, steel, or a pole. There are three main types of fishing rods: fly rods, spinning rods, and baitcasting fishing rods.

On the other hand, fishing tackles refer to the general fishing equipment you will need. These include the fishing baits, hooks, liners, traps, and nets that will go a long way in making your fishing worthwhile. If you plan to go fishing into the deep sea, you will require a fishing vessel such as a boat. However, to get the best fishing results, you have to ensure that the motor and the engine are in good shape. In this case, it is also essential to carry backup Mercruiser parts and kits that will help you repair and fix your boat in case of any challenges while you are sailing.

3.   Proper Clothing

If you are going fishing for the first time, make sure you shop for the proper fishing clothing to protect you from the adverse weather in rivers and oceans. Fishing clothing will protect you from the scorching sun and provide warmth should it rain during the trip.

Some of the fishing clothing you will need for your trip include a hat, waterproof jackets, polarized sunglasses. You have to make sure that your fishing clothing is made of cold and water-resistant material.

4.   First Aid Kit

Accidents happen during fishing, and you need to be prepared to handle any fishing-related injuries. Remember, as you fish, you will be using fishing gears such as fishing hooks and baits that may pierce your skin if not handled with care. The first aid kid contains medical supplies that you can use to treat these injuries. Moreover, make sure you pack sea-related pills in your kit to boost your immunity while in the water. The first aid kit also comes in handy in the event any of your companions drown while fishing.

Some of the supplies you must ensure are in the first aid kit include bandages, pain killers, hand sanitizers, and disinfectant gels. However, a first aid kit is not a piece of must-carry equipment for your trip, but it's essential should an accident occur.

5.   Tackle Bag

This is the bag that you will use to carry your fishing equipment. There many are sizes and qualities of tackle bags, and you will have to choose a bag that suits you best. The tackle bag contains many side pockets that you can pack any equipment. You must carry in your bag your fishing license, fishing gear, tackle trays, and some of your clothing.

Fishing times are the best times to relate with nature as we develop our relationships with our loved ones. However, the quality of your fishing experience largely depends on the equipment you carry along for your fishing. As you plan for your next fishing trip, do not forget to use this guide as it offers the tips and the five types of equipment that you should carry to have a successful fishing trip.

Photo (fisherman in boat) by Mount Polley

Maggie Bloom

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